New Continuum courses released:

 Building Product Compliance
 building product complianceThis seminar will explore how to be sure that the building products you specify for a project are compliant and how to reduce your risk when choosing products that they may not be fit for purpose.

Kristin Brookfield from the HIA will discuss the APCC Procurement of Construction Products: A Guide to Achieving Compliance and offer guidance on how to determine whether a building product is suitable to use.
 2016 NCC Change: Now you can aim higher with timber
 Change: TimberUntil now, the choice of construction materials for mid-rise urban developments has been limited to a traditional palette that excluded timber. However changes to the National Construction Code (NCC) from 1 May will enable timber buildings of up to eight storeys without the need for expensive Alternative Solutions to gain approval. This seminar aims to deliver a hands-on workshop that will work through the WoodSolutions Technical Guide on mid-rise timber buildings and provide attendees with the knowledge to confidently implement the NCC changes.
 Tendering: How to strategically position and present your business for success
 This seminar will explore the world of competitive tendering. It will allow you to better navigate the tender process, from pursuit through to submission. The seminar will provide insights into how to select the right partners, how to maximise the likelihood of being shortlisted, how to strengthen your contribution to major tender processes and how to develop a tender strategy and translate that into action.
 How to Flex: Creating flexible practice for all

Flexible working arrangements are essential to achieving gender equity in the workplace.

What are the challenges, what works, what doesnít, and how have other practices implemented flexible conditions for their staff? These are some of the questions to be discussed and debated at this entertaining and informative roundtable discussion.

 The Art of Management and Delegation
 theartofThis seminar will focus on four main areas:
1. Increasing Productivity
2. Empowering the team
3. Effective Communication
4. Managing your teamís performance
Attendees will develop solid, practical ideas that will have a positive impact on their firmís business results when implemented.