New Continuum courses released:

 The Art of Management and Delegation
 theartofThis seminar will focus on four main areas:
1. Increasing Productivity
2. Empowering the team
3. Effective Communication
4. Managing your teamís performance
Attendees will develop solid, practical ideas that will have a positive impact on their firmís business results when implemented.
 The Application of Colour in Architecture
 applicationofcolourColour has always played a large role in human society and in the spaces we live and interact. When colour is used in architecture and interior design, it means much more than a simple aesthetic choice. In this context, the seminar aims to highlight the role that colour plays in architecture through a historical approach of the phenomenon of colour application, as well as assisting in the practical application of colour in architecture.
 Risk in Architecture
 risk in arch

 From the National Architecture Conference 2015: Risk

In this session David Gianotten will address the theme of risk and focus on the ways his work engages risk as a productive element within their work. 

OMA Projects currently under his design and supervision include the Taipei Performing Arts Centre in Taiwan, the Hanwha Galleria in Busan Korea, the Taiyuan Industrial Heritage masterplan in China, and the Prince Plaza Building in Shenzhen China.

 The Design of Risk
 tillFrom the National Architecture Conference 2015: Risk

Jeremy Till addresses the theme of risk through his work as Head of Central Saint Martins in London, widely considered one of the worldís leading centres for art and design education, and Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of the Arts London.
 Talking SHoP: Taking risks from New York to Seoul to Barcelona
 shop From the National Architecture Conference 2015: Risk

Gregg Pasquarelli addresses the theme of risk and focuses on the ways in which his practice engages risk as a productive element within their work.

Since 1996 New York-based SHoP Architects has set the standard for creative exploration in the field of architecture and modelled a new way forward with its unconventional approach to design. The firmís method centres on a willingness to question accepted patterns of practice, coupled with the courage to expand beyond the architectís traditional roles.