Population vs Landscape

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Course outline
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Course outline

This course is based on Richard Weller's keynote presentation at the 2010 Australian Institute of Architects' National Conference extra/ordinary.

This course investigates the challenges and potentials of population growth in 21st-century Australia. He explores the implications of Australia's population, as well as innovative solutions - including unconventional planning, landscaping, and ways of thinking - to the 'problem' of accommodating the country's anticipated growth, while also revealing the creative potential for people involved in the planning, design and production of built form to tackle these issues.


Richard Weller, Winthrop Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Western Australia

Richard Weller is Winthrop Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Western Australia (UWA), where he is renowned for combining teaching, research and practice.

In 25 years of design practice, Professor Weller has received a consistent stream of international design competition awards. His design work has been published as a monograph by the University of Pennsylvania Press in 2005 and his planning work published by UWA Press in 2009 under the title of "Boomtown 2050: Scenarios for a Rapidly Growing City".

Professor Weller consults as both a designer and a reviewer of major projects.

Course structure and materials

  • Audio-visual Flash presentation, including material recorded at the conference
  • PDF handout of presentation slides, including slides not shown at the conference
  • Self-assessment

    To download the PDF handout, open the course, click on the paperclip icon in the bottom right corner, and select the attachment to download.

    Length of course

    1 hour

    Continuing professional development hours

    1 formal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) point
    This course is recognised under the GBCA CPD program with 1 point.
    Donít forget to submit your request for GBCA CPD points via the CPD Learning Portal. Points are not automatically allocated.

    Learning outcome

    After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Define and describe the ways in which Richard is rethinking conventional notions of housing provision in expanding cities.
  • Relate the presenter to the social, political and global context in which they have worked.

    National Competency Standards in Architecture



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