Kill the Modernist Within!

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Course outline
Course structure and materials
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Course outline

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This course is based on Sam Jacob's keynote presentation at the 2010 Australian Institute of Architects' National Conference extra/ordinary.

Jacob's presentation will give you a whole new perspective on what words like "taste", "code", "narrative" and "communication" can mean, as he delves into the possibilities they hold in the context of architecture and urban design. He takes you through a fascinating range of projects—from big new developments that incorporate land rehabilitation strategies to small design concepts—and reveals the history, philosophies and thought processes that underpin them. You will find your ideas of architecture being repeatedly challenged as he tries to help you "kill the modernist within" by emphasising "taste, not space" in defiance of mainstream architectural trends.

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Sam Jacob, Founding Director, FAT (Fashion Architecture Taste)

Sam Jacob is an architect, writer, critic, and founding director of FAT.

Jacob was most recently the partner in charge of the Hoogvliet Heerlijkheid project in Holland: a park, cultural centre and community facility completed in October 2008 and developed in collaboration with WiMBY! The project explores ideas of Pop, populism and participation, and was shortlisted for a World Architecture Award.

Jacob has taught at universities in Europe and the US, most recently as the Louis I Kahn Professor of Architecture at Yale in 2007. Other positions include Postgraduate Unit Master at the University of Westminster, the Architectural Association and University of Greenwich.

Course structure and materials

  • Audio-visual Flash presentation
  • Formal assessment

    Length of course

    1 hour

    Continuing professional development hours

    1 formal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) point.

    Learning outcome

    After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Outline and compare how Sam considers the role of taste and aesthetics in built form
  • Describe, using a project example, which broader aspects of culture Sam engages with and how this informs and relates to his architectural projects
  • Evaluate what is unique about Sam and relate him to the social, political and cultural context in which he has worked

    National Competency Standards in Architecture



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