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Course outline
Course structure and materials
Length of course
CPD hours
Learning outcome
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Course outline

Click here for a downloadable course outline. This course is based on Michael Green's presentation at WoodSolutions 2010. Michael Green believes that all architects have a duty to address the problems of the profession in relation to climate change. He believes that addressing the materials architects build with will lead us on the path to carbon neutral, and in the future, carbon negative buildings. In this presentation, he presents some of mgb's earlier and award-winning work in order to discuss how evolving systems and designs in wood can be used to lessen the significant negative effect of buildings on the environment. He demonstrates how new uses of wood technology can be used to construct efficient and affordable structures that cause less harm to the environment, whilst maintaining functionality and aesthetic appeal. AACA Competency: Design


Michael Green: Principal, mgb ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN

Michael Green is a founding principal of mgb ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN and has designed a number of award-winning buildings, public art, interiors, landscapes and urban environments around the world.

Michael believes that architects have a broad duty of service that includes teaching, broadening the accessibility of the architectural profession to the public, to design for those in the greatest need, to respect and promote regionalism worldwide and find ways to build with a lighter footprint on the environment.

Course structure and materials

  • Audio-visual Flash presentation
  • Formal assessment

    Length of course

    1.5 hours

    Continuing professional development hours


    1.5 formal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points


    This course is recognised under the GBCA CPD program with 2 points.

    Donít forget to submit your request for GBCA CPD points via the CPD Learning Portal. Points are not automatically allocated.

    Learning outcome

    After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of innovative ethical and design approaches to the use of timber in architecture.
  • Outline uses of timber as an element of sustainable practices in architecture.
  • Compare specific technical and material developments in timber constructions and their application in architecture.

    National Competency Standards in Architecture



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