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Collection of personal information on Continuum site is generally in accordance with the Institute's Privacy Policy available at particularly at 2.4 which concerns on-line payment systems, extracted below:

2.4 Financial information collected on payment to RAIA
When members pay subscriptions, or for services provided to members, or for RAIA publications provided to both non-members and members, certain financial personal information may be collected. The type of information collected is dependent on the method of payment used by the "customer". When customers use credit or debit cards their card number is necessarily recorded to process the transaction.

RAIA has no primary or secondary purpose in retaining or using such information other than to enable the relevant transaction, or for accounting purposes. Credit card numbers may be recorded in the RAIA's accounting software, but only to the extent that it is necessary to collect payment from the card provider and for accounting records. The information is only available to authorised accounts staff or possibly, RAIA's auditors, all of whom are contractually bound to confidentiality.

This collection process is no different to that of any organization providing retail services to the public.

Within this Continuum site, an additional function is envisaged by which the participant is able to receive a report on their continuing professional development activity from records kept by this site attributed to the participant concerned.

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